Frequently Asked Questions

Where can you operate the Trackless Train?
Because it does not have a track, the trackless train can travel on any flat surface- asphalt, paved surfaces, very dry packed ground or gravel. The train can operate on most residential streets, and parking lots. Trackless trains are recommended for level grade only, not hills.
Can you operate a Trackless Train in Public parks?
Yes, but you will need to check with the city recreation department for their requirements. They may require a park fee, or proof of insurance to operate in their park.
How fast do Trackless Trains go?
Trackless Trains travel between 2 and 4 miles per hour. It is determined by crowd conditions and route.
How old should you be to ride a Trackless Train?
Trackless trains can seat all ages 1-100. Children ages 1-4 should ride with an Adult.
Will a driver come with the Trackless Train?
Yes, we send our trained, experienced driver to operate the train.
How many riders can your Trackless Train hold?
The “Texas Flyer” is a beautifully crafted electric “green friendly” train that has four cars and can carry 28 passengers.

The “Diamond Express” is also an electric “green friendly” train that has four cars and can carry 24 passengers.

Is my space large enough to run your Trackless Train?
We can run in a space 100 ft. long by 30 ft. wide. The more space we have to operate the Trackless Train, the more fun the ride will be.
Do you have Insurance?
Yes, we carry one million dollars in liability insurance and will be glad to provide you a copy or certificate when you book your event.
Do you require a deposit, and can we pay by credit card?
Yes, a deposit is required to hold your booking and we do accept all credit cards.

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